A Perfect Single Watch Collection in the Sinn 857 UTC


The single watch that provides everything we want in a timepiece remains elusive for those who love watches. If forced to limit myself to a single timepiece, my choice would be the versatile Sinn 857 UTC TESTAF for three reasons.

1) Legibility

As a pilot watch, the Sinn 857 features my favorite dial design, styled like the instruments found in a cockpit to be read easily at a glance. The matte black dial, white sword hands, large 3-6-9-12 numerals and well-defined hour and minute indices, make telling the time at a glance easier than any watch I’ve ever worn. Excellent lume keeps the legibility true in all lighting conditions.

2) Functionality

The two complications most useful to me are a GMT and a countdown timer. The Sinn 857 marks 24 hour time with smaller numbers along the inside of the dial, leaving the bezel free for a countdown timer. Along with a date at 4 o’clock, the complications seem to fit seamlessly onto the watch without negatively impacting the look or legibility. The TESTAF model uses orange markings for the 24 hour UTC time leaving the 12 hour time with higher contrast and keeping the dial looking clean.

3) Durability

The case and bracelet are both “tegimented”, hardening the surface of the stainless steel without requiring an additional coating. This makes the watch extremely scratch resistant and keeps it looking new but for the aluminum bezel. Living in a cold climate helps me to appreciate the dehumidifying feature, designed to absorb moisture and prevent fogging. 200 meters of water resistance and a rating for use in temperatures between -45 and +80 celsius, gives me confidence in all weather conditions.

Versatile enough for everyday wear, equipped for travel and adventure and dressing up well enough with a bracelet to go business casual, the Sinn 857 UTC TESTAF is my perfect single watch collection.

I originally wrote this review for the Fifth Wrist website and is reposted here. Click here to see the original article.

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