Building a Glycine Airman Collection

Watch Stories

I set out to find the perfect Glycine Airman for my collection and ended up with an Airman collection instead. Here’s how it happened. I didn’t like the traditional Airman style when I first learned about it. Prioritizing legibility in my watch selections, I saw the dials as busy with all 24 hours listed in Arabic numerals. While liking the idea of the Airman, I was not sold on the execution quite yet.

While looking for a quartz GMT or worldtimer, to prepare for upcoming travel to East Africa, I stumbled across the Glycine Airman World Traveler and was immediately smitten with its looks. The World Traveler employs the same case design as other Airman models but features a unique dial for the Airman line with a two tone chapter ring for identifying day and night on the 24 hour scale and cities around the world situated on the rotating bezel. I liked the idea of owning a watch in the Glycine Airman line and spent 6 months looking for the World Traveler with the tan dial before I managed to track one down.