What’s Going On With Glycine Pricing?

Buying Watches

I was working on the roof of my garage while listening to the Two Broke Watch Snobs podcast when I first learned about the Glycine Airman. Michael had just purchase an Airman and the brief history that he shared made me want to look the watch up. Upon searching for the Airman, I found myself not at all interested in what seemed like way too busy dials and yet two years later, I’ve been fascinated with them ever since.

The traditional Glycine Airman with all 24 hours listed on the dial seemed too crowded with numerals but a quartz model called the “World Traveler” caught my eye as a possible travel watch. The World Traveler had long since sold out but I could occasionally find one online, typically for a bit more than I wanted to pay. Realizing that I liked the model with the tan dial best, I set out to find one and thus began my ongoing search for the perfect Glycine Airman.